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140mm Pin Heatsink


This pre-drilled, anodized pin heatsink is designed to be used with COB LEDs and will dissipate a max of ~70-80W of heat, depending on ambient temperature and airflow. We generally recommend running the COBs between 1.4-1.75A. Heatsink comes with two flat sides for easier mounting to rails, two through holes for wire routing, and includes 4 screws for mounting the heatsink as well as 4 screws for mounting your COB/holders.

Heatsink measures 140mm in diameter and 70mm tall. 

Please note that due to the nature of the product some pins may move slightly during shipping. Feel free to move the pins back to their original position using a string or your finger and a light pull. If there is any extreme damage please let us know right away.

The heatsink is pre-drilled with M3 holes for the following:

-Ideal solderless holder 50-2303CR for CREE CXA/CXB3590
-Ideal solderless holder 50-22XX for CXA/CXB3050/3070
-BJB 47.319.2154.50 for CXA/CXB3050/3070
-Bridgelux VERO29SE Gen 7 (both with and without poke-in connector)
-Ledil reflectors 15264, 14720 and 15379 for VERO29 SE Gen 7