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40 Degree CREE XM-L Lens/Optics


Easily stays on CREE XM-L Series LEDs via self-adhesive backing

  • 40 Degree Beam Width
  • Comes with an adhesive backing so no more gluing required!
  • High quality optics
  • Black housing
  • Please note due to the shape of the lens using screws with this lens may be difficult.  Also, there are two cut-outs on the side of the lens for solder joints though depending on the size of the solder joint the lens may not sit flush with the LED.
  • This lens does NOT fit the XM-L regular LEDs at this time (soldering keeps the lens from sitting flush) on the pcb.  This DOES however fit the Solderless XM-L LEDs
  • If there are solderballs next to the LED chip, these will need to be removed for proper installation