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8 x Solderless Triple Puck Kit with Dimmable Drivers


This solderless triple puck kit allows for separate control of your cool white LEDs from your blue/royal blue LEDs.  The LPF dimmable driver is used for the royal blue/blues, while the ELN driver is used for the cool whites.  However, you will need a reef controller (ie. Apex, Reef Keeper, DDC-02, etc) or a potentiometer + 10V AC Adapter to control the drivers and your dimming capabilities may be limited depending on what you're using to dim. The lights won't come on without at least some power (up to 10V) going to the driver's dimming circuit.

  • 8 x 60 degree triple puck lenses
  • Solderless wiring/connectors

Please note the lenses included in this kit need to be glued down using thermal adhesive or plastic epoxy (or something similar).