Bluefish Mini LED Controller

Bluefish Mini LED Controller


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Newly introduced based on the success of the full Bluefish controller, this mini version is caseless and is only compatible with Meanwell LDD drivers but only costs about half the price!  The Bluefish Mini uses the same app and Wi-Fi connectivity of it’s bigger brother, but lacks analog output and BluePort expansion capabilities.  Please note this item does not include the power supply or connecting wires (ribbon cable), if required please add them in the options below.

  • 6 Channels of control - Control up to 6 channels independently using a 3.3V PWM output (up to 3 LDD's per channel)
  • Location simulation - Bluefish makes it easy to replicate the lighting conditions of any location, using actual weather data in real time! Just choose a city, and optionally use the current weather conditions (clouds, storms, etc), sunrise/sunset times (dynamic photo-period), and moon phase!
  • Thunderstorms - Start a thunderstorm from the app and lighting strikes are synchronized with audio from a real thunderstorm. Connect your phone or tablet wireless to a Bluetooth speaker for maximum effect! (Please note Meanwell ELN drivers don't function very well with thunderstorms)

Technical details:

  • 6 channel output by 3.3V PWM via 2×7 0.100″ header
  • • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi
    • 20MHz 11n channels, 1 x 1
    • +16.75dBm max output power (802.11b)
    • -97dBm typical sensitivity (1Mbps)
    • Integrated antenna with 2.5dBi max gain
  • 32-bit Cortex M3 processor
  • Robust embedded operating system with fail-safe automatic firmware updates
  • 4096 steps (12-bit PWM) of individual LED brightness control.
  • VIN 3.3-17V

For full details please visit Bluefish's official site

Click here for the instruction manual

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