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Bridgelux VERO29 Gen 7 COB Array


Bridgelux's Vero series is designed to produce a high amount of light in an easy to use COB package. The VERO29 is the largest form factor in the Vero family and this is their newest generation 7 version. Additional accessories include a Molex connector (solderless only for single COB set-ups) or pin heatsink. This chip is great for horticulture and/or freshwater/planted tanks.

General specs:

  • Nominal CCT - 3500K
  • Max drive current - 4200mA
  • Typical voltage draw - 38.7V at 2100mA (usually between 35-45V depending on drive current)
  • CRI - 80
  • Typical Efficacy (lumens/watt) at 2100mA - 155
  • Part Number BXRC-35E10K0-D-73
  • For a full kit we recommend the VERO29 Triple COB Kit

For full specifications please refer to the datasheet here