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Corona FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions and troubleshooting steps for the Corona:

Do I need a Wifi Connection?

To turn on and set-up the units initially, yes. The units will also need to be online for any edits to the suncycle or for manual override. However, if you plan on simply programming the lights and leaving them then the units do not need to be connected to wifi. Thus, if the tank is in a location without wifi you can set them up first where you do have wifi and transfer them to the tank. The units will simply run the pre-programmed settings that you've already programmed.

Are these Apex compatible?

No, the Corona fixtures all have built-in controllers in them. You simply need to download the Fishbit app on a iOS or Android mobile device (smartphone/tablet). You do not need any Fishbit hardware to use the app, and the app is free. This actually frees up your Apex dimming ports for 0-10V pumps, and for those with an Apex Jr this means you do not need separate VDM modules.

What happens if my power goes out, do I need to re-program the lights?

No, the Corona fixtures have a battery that will preserve memory on the lights. Also, once the lights come back online they'll re-sync with the previously programmed suncycle to ensure the lights are correctly running the right program.

Is it hard to set-up?

No! Set-up should only take 1-2 minutes per light. You will need to add each unit separately even if running in a group, however you only need to program one suncycle per group (which should take another 1-2 minutes). If you're having trouble or would like to see how it's done please visit https://getfishbit.com/setup/ for a video demonstration.

One of my lights is out of sync or not running correctly, what do I do? 

For any issues with the light (both manual mode or suncycles) please check the color/status of the LED indicator light on the side of the unit. A unit running normally will be breathing cyan (as opposed to blinking cyan, solid cyan, etc). Please note the color/status of the LED and email us at staff@rapidled.com. Please also include your username (we don't need your password) that you use to log into your Fishbit app. With those pieces of information we'll be able to help troubleshoot your unit(s).

I'm having a hard time connecting the lights to my router.

Double check what setting the router is on (WPA/WPA2/etc). On some routers the units don't connect well on WPA2, in which case going to WPA or another setting will usually work. If you're having trouble please email us or call us at 650 692 9500 for immediate help.