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CREE XP-E Photo Red (660nm high bin) LED


These photo reds are have order code ending -00901, roughly 16% higher output than -00801 LEDs. If using this to round out your colors in an aquarium the -00801 bin LEDs are probably fine, but if you're using this for alage scrubbers or flowering/horticulture the -00901 is recommended.

  • Min. radiant flux 350mW @ 350mA
  • 1000mA max. drive current
  • Forward voltage 2.3V @700mA, 2.5V @1000mA (Note: forward voltage for red LEDs is less than most other colors, so factor this in to your voltage calculations for your string)
  • 650-670nm wavelength
  • 130 degree viewing angle (without a secondary lens), fits our other XP-E lenses
  • CREE part number XPEPHR-L1-0000-00901

Please email us for bulk orders (100+ LEDs) as we will price match and can usually beat other online pricing!