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Far Red Initiator Puck


This super easy to use far red initiator puck is the first collaboration between GrowMau5 and Rapid LED. Adding far red has been shown to help increase the rate of photosynthesis, speed up flower cycles, and contribute to leaf extension and growth. Each puck simply requires 12V DC power to turn on and each puck includes:

  • 4 x CREE XP-E Far Red LEDs
  • 1 x Mean Well LDD-700HS
  • 1 x DC Power Connector for a solder free connection
  • 1 x WAGO connector for optional dimming via 2.5-6V PWM signal
  • Doesn't require a separate heatsink 
  • Optional holes for the Carclo 10613 lens
  • Mounting holes spaced 35mm and 50mm apart to match many existing heatsinks
  • Board measures 76.85mm long x 67mm wide (~3" x 2.6")