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LDD-H-4 Driver Board


Use this 4 channel LDD-H-4 board to connect up to 4 Meanwell LDD-H series drivers without having to solder or use wire nuts.  Comes with attached push terminals for super quick installation and modifications, simply use bulk wire to make your connections.  Please note this board does not include LDD-H drivers, you will need to add them separately from one of the options below.  LDD-H-4 Board features include:

  • Ability to connect multiple boards together if running more than 4 LDD-H drivers
  • Drivers attach to the board via DIP sockets for quick and easy installation.  DIP sockets are already attached to the board for your convenience
  • Can use with 1, 2, 3, or 4 LDD-H drivers
  • Includes mounting hardware at no additional charge (self-adhesive standoffs or nylon spacers with screws)
  • Includes pull-down jumpers to turn default dimming ON/OFF without dimming signal
  • Compatible with all Meanwell LDD-H series drivers
  • Measures roughly 3.5" in length x 2.5" in width


Please select a maximum of 4 drivers below!  For projects requiring more than 4 drivers please add a separate LDD-H-4 board to your cart.