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LDD-H-4S Driver Board


This new and improved LDD board now comes with a 5th slot for an SCW driver, capable of powering 12V items such as a fan, Bluefish Mini, etc.

Use this 4 channel LDD-H-4 board to connect up to 4 Meanwell LDD-H series drivers without having to solder or use wire nuts.  Comes with attached push terminals for super quick installation and modifications, simply use bulk wire to make your connections.  

LDD-H-4S Board features include:

  • Ability to connect multiple boards together if running more than 4 LDD-H drivers
  • Drivers attach to the board via DIP sockets for quick and easy installation.  DIP sockets are already attached to the board for your convenience
  • Can use with 1, 2, 3, or 4 LDD-H drivers
  • Optional 5th slot for an SCW05B-12 or SCW05C-12 with two output terminals
  • Includes mounting hardware at no additional charge (self-adhesive standoffs or nylon spacers with screws)
  • Includes pull-down jumpers to turn default dimming ON/OFF without dimming signal
  • Compatible with all Meanwell LDD-H series drivers
  • Measures roughly 4.25" in length x 2.4" in width


Please select a maximum of 4 LDD drivers below. The 5th slot is ONLY for SCW drivers and cannot run an extra LDD. For projects requiring more than 4 drivers please add a separate LDD-H-4S board to your cart.