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Mean Well HLG-240H-C1400A


Mean Well's newest series of high voltage/current drivers are especially great for running COB arrays or a high number of LEDs in series.  Please use caution when working with high voltage electricity. Purchase in case quantities (12) for more savings!

  • This driver cannot be dimmed with an external controller/potentiometer, however there is a screw on the bottom right hand corner that can be used to adjust the current output from 700mA-1400mA. For the dimmable version please use the HLG-240H-C1400B instead.
  • 1400mA max current output
  • 89-179V DC output (3-5 VERO29/CXB3590 COBs, or ~29-59 regular LEDs)
  • 90-305V input range
  • 94% efficient
  • 9.6" long x 2.7" wide x 1.53" tall
  • Weighs ~2.9 lbs
  • Note: A power cord does not come with the driver and will need to be purchased separately