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Mean Well LDD-1500L dimmable driver


Please note you cannot use the SE-350-48 power supply for this item, you must input no more than 36V to the driver.  We recommend using the LRS-350-36 instead.  Also, the dimming on this driver will only work on the LDD-H-4 board if you solder the adjacent pins together on the bottom of the board. 

DC to DC constant current driver for driving ~1-10 LEDs (depending on your power supply and LEDs).  These drivers will require a power supply unlike the Meanwell ELN or LPC drivers.  For questions on how to use these drivers please email staff@rapidled.com or call us at 650 692 9500.

  • 2-30V output range (output range will always be 3V lower than input)
  • 1500mA constant current
  • Pin version intended for use on an LDD board
  • 5V PWM dimming 0-100% (optional, no extra accessories required if you're not planning on dimming the lights)
  • 18 month warranty
  • If you're looking for a controller for the LDD drivers we highly recommend the Coralux Storm, Coralux Storm X, or the Bluefish controller

Please email or call us for bulk pricing (50+ units) as we will beat other online prices