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Mean Well LRS-350-36


While this power supply can be used with all the Mean Well LDD DC-DC drivers we offer, this power supply was specifically brought in to run the LDD-1500L and LDD-1500LW as they cannot accept more than 36VDC in.  You can run a max of 350 watts worth of LEDs off this power supply, so something like 10 strings of 10 would be fine (keep in mind you'll need 10 LDD's to do this).  Wattage is simply the voltage draw of an LED at the current output of the driver (ie. LDD-700's output 700mA max). 

  • 36VDC output (can be adjusted to 32-40VDC)
  • 0-9.7A current output
  • Requires a separate power cord
  • Please make sure the voltage on the right side of the power supply is set to the correct input voltage (for North America it's typically 110V)