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Mean Well SE-350-48


To be used in conjunction with the Mean Well LDD DC-DC drivers, this power supply will power up to ~13 LEDs in series off one LDD driver. You can run a max of 350 watts worth of LEDs off this power supply, so something like 9 strings of 12 would be fine (keep in mind you'll need 9 LDD's to do this).  Wattage is simply the voltage draw of an LED at the current output of the driver (ie. LDD-700's output 700mA max). 

  • 48VDC output
  • 0-7.3A current output
  • Requires a separate power cord
  • Please make sure the voltage on the right side of the power supply is set to the correct input voltage (for North America it's typically 110V)
  • UL approved