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Nano Tank Heatsink


This anodized green heatsink is drilled to fit the Oceanic Biocube 29, Coralife Biocube 29, Nanocube 24, Nanocube 28 HQI and Nanocube 28 CF Quad hoods.  A fan pocket has been milled out on the backside to fit our 92mm frameless fan.  In addition, holes have been drilled to fit both our regular/solderless LEDs and the Aurora puck making installation and removal of LEDs extremely easy.  Mounting screws for both LEDs and the heatsink are included with the heatsink (please make sure you select the correct hood in the options below so we know which mounting screws to send).

Please note we highly recommend running the 92mm fan with this heatsink, space is limited inside of the hood so the more cooling and airflow you can add the longer your LEDs will last.