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Neptune Apex Classic System Controller


For those that want to be able to dim their lights with custom sunrise/sunset/moonlight phases (as well as having the ability to monitor pH and temperature) this is the unit to get.  This unit comes with the LAB GRADE pH probe, not the standard probe.  The lab grade probe has been known to last longer than the standard probe.  The unit is capable of separate control of 8 channels with a VDM (not included), up to 3-4 drivers per channel.  The unit controls up to 4 channels out of the box with out a VDM. This unit is compatible with our 0-10V Nano drivers, Mean Well "D" series drivers and the HLG-185-42B driver.  We HIGHLY recommend you buy the 2 Channel Apex to Light Dimming Cable for easy connection from the driver to the Apex unit (one cable per 2 channels).

This unit comes with the following items:

  • Apex Base Unit
  • Temperature Probe
  • Apex Display Module w/ 10' AquaBus cable
  • Energy Bar 8
  • 6' AquaBus cable
  • Lab Grade pH Probe
  • Owner's manual