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Refurbished Mean Well LDD-1000HW dimmable driver


All of the drivers in this section have been refurbished by Meanwell.  Some may have slight physical alterations such as stripped/cut wires, Sharpie marks on the casing, etc however all units are in working condition and come with the same 18 month warranty as new drivers do.  Due to the nature of these products we can't confirm exactly what was wrong previously and we can't describe the exact condition of each driver.  Refurbished items are sold "as-is" and returns/exchanges are not allowed on these items (except in the case of product defects).

DC to DC constant current driver for driving 1-16 LEDs (depending on your power supply and LEDs).  These drivers will require a power supply unlike the Meanwell ELN or LPC drivers.  For questions on how to use these drivers please email staff@rapidled.com or call us at 650 692 9500.

  • 2-52V output range (output range will always be 3V lower than input)
  • 1000mA constant current
  • Comes with wires for easier installation
  • If combined with the Meanwell SE-350-48 Power Supply you can usually run a max of ~13 LEDs per LDD
  • PWM dimming 0-100% (optional, no extra accessories required if you're not planning on dimming the lights)
  • 18 month warranty
  • If you're looking for a controller for the LDD drivers we highly recommend the Coralux Storm/Coralux Storm X or the Bluefish/Bluefish Mini