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Solderless CREE XM-L2 Neutral White LED


Solderless LEDs are from the same stock as our regular LEDs, except with easier assembly (no soldering required).  Please note the solderless XM-L will require different end plugs/LED to LED wires/driver jumpers than other solderless LEDs.

  • Fits the regular XM-L lenses
  • Comes with a 3" or 6" LED to LED wire
  • Don't forget to use a Solderless LED Plug to cap the LED string (sold separately)
  • Min. lumens 318 @ 700mA (25 degrees C)
  • 3000mA max. drive current
  • 3,700-5,000K color temperature
  • 125 degree viewing angle (without secondary lens)
  • Forward voltage 2.85V @350mA, 3.05V @1500mA, 3.3V @3000mA
  • CREE part number XMLBWT-00-0000-000LT60E4

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