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Solderless CREE XP-E Far Red LED


Same exact LEDs are our regular CREE LED stock, and you can still use the same lenses! 

  • To be used in conjunction with our LED to LED Wire and Solderless Accessories only
  • You can still use our regular XP-E lenses on these LEDs
  • Comes with a 1.5", 3", 4.5" or 6" LED to LED wire
  • Don't forget to use a Solderless LED Plug to cap the LED string (sold separately)!
  • Please check out this simple diagram before installation!
  • You can still solder this LED if you'd prefer, though we don't recommend using metal screws if soldering

  • Min. radiant flux 210mW @ 350mA
  • 720-740nm wavelength
  • 1000mA max. drive current
  • 2.5V forward voltage max (important when calcuating number of LEDs per driver)
  • CREE part number XPEFAR-L1-0000-00601, current batch is bin XPEFAR-L1-F30-12-B-01

Product Videos

Solderless Tutorial (non-dimmable) (04:48)
New tutorial for our new Solderless LEDs. Just meant to give everyone an idea of how easy it is to put everything together, this is not an inclusive instruction manual. Dimmable kits will require additional parts, and if you have any questions please email us at staff@rapidled.com.
  • Solderless Tut...
    New tutorial for our new Solderless LEDs. Just meant to give ...