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Solderless Philips Rebel ES Royal Blue LED


Same exact LEDs are our regular Philips Rebel LED stock, and you can still use the same lenses! 

  • To be used in conjunction with our LED to LED Wire and Solderless Accessories only
  • You can still use our regular Philips lenses on these LEDs
  • Comes with a 1.5", 3", 4.5" or 6" LED to LED wire
  • Don't forget to use a Solderless LED Plug to cap the LED string (sold separately)!
  • Please check out this simple diagram before installation!
  • You can still solder this LED if you'd prefer, though we don't recommend using metal screws if soldering


LED Tech Specs:

  • 440-460nm dominant/peak wavelength (typical: 447.5nm)
  • 1000mA max current
  • Typical voltage 2.95V @350mA, 3.0V @700mA (typical)
  • Minimum Luminous Flux 1000mW, Maximum Flux 1030mW @700mA
  • Viewing angle: 125 degrees
  • Philips Rebel ES part number LXML-PR02-1000
  • Current batch of LEDs are from bin A4R

Product Videos

Solderless Tutorial (non-dimmable) ()
  • Solderless Tut...