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Total Spectrum Violet UV LED


Since Violet/UV LEDs output a color spectrum close to where human eyes cannot pick up the light, these LEDs will appear dimmer than other colors.  With this in mind, we're proud to introduce our newest 4-chip Violet UV LED!  Get 4 LEDs in one small package (still on 20mm star boards) with better wavelength coverage!  We haven't seen any LEDs on the market with better 400-420nm wavelength coverage than these!

  • Min. luminous flux (radiometric power) 850mW@ 350mA
  • Typical forward voltage 13.5V@ 700mA (basically the equivalent of 4 of our other LEDs, so make sure your driver can handle the voltage your LED string will draw with these)
  • Two chips with 400-410nm wavelength and two chips with 410-420nm wavelength for full coverage!
  • 700mA max. drive current
  • 100% tested by hand prior to shipping to ensure that the array is working!