Aurora Puck - Freshwater

Aurora Puck - Freshwater

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For full spectrum color lovers this is the ideal puck for freshwater tanks!  You'll get 4 channels of control and 7 colors of LEDs!  Each puck contains 7 XP-G2 neutral white, 3 XT-E royal blue, 3 XP-E blue, 2 Violet UV, 2 True Violet UV, 2 XP-E Green, and 2 SemiLEDs 660nm Deep Red LEDs.  Multiple pucks can be combined to form larger kits, though this may require a change of drivers.  Channels are arranged as follows:

Channel 1 - White (1500mA max) - 7 Neutral White
Channel 2 - Blue (1000mA max) - 3 Royal Blue + 3 Blue
Channel 3 - Red/Green (700mA max) - 2 Deep Red + 2 Green
Channel 4 - Violet (700mA max) - 2 Violet UV (410-420nm) + 2 True UV (400-410nm)

The puck comes with 4 Driver Jumpers and 4 Solderless LED Plugs.  Please note the maximum current thresholds on each channel and ensure your driver doesn't output more current than the LED strings can handle (also be careful of min/max voltages!).  The puck measures ~4.75" long x 3.25" wide.

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