Bluefish LED Controller

Bluefish LED Controller


Control your lights from your phone or tablet

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This controller comes with one stereo cable which can run two independent dimming channels. For additional dimming channels please order dimming cables from the product option above

Control up to 6 channels independently using 0-10V, 5V PWM, or 10V PWM output

Location simulation - Bluefish makes it easy to replicate the lighting conditions of any location, using actual weather data in real time! Just choose a city, and optionally use the current weather conditions (clouds, storms, etc), sunrise/sunset times (dynamic photo-period), and moon phase

Web cams - Integrate the video feed from webcams directly into the app! Check up on your tank, make changes remotely, or just have fun showing off.  Start a thunderstorm and watch the action from anywhere

Thunderstorms - Start a thunderstorm from the app and lighting strikes are synchronized with audio from a real thunderstorm. Connect your phone or tablet wireless to a Bluetooth speaker for maximum effect (please note some drivers don't function very well with thunderstorms)

Comes with 12V adapter and 1 control cable (male-male 3.5mm stereo connectors)

For DIY set-ups this is a helpful diagram

-Bluefish Controller Instruction Manual


Dimming Output Signal :
0-10V analog, 5V PWM, 10V PWM
Dimming Channels :
Up to 6
Wifi Signal :
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