Core85 LED Bar

Core85 LED Bar


Ready to hang and use, no assembly required.

4.00 LBS
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The Core85 LED bar is perfect for vertical farming, rooting, seedlings, clones and environments where lower light levels or close-proximity (height constraint) are required. With system level efficiency between 2.3-2.5 umol/J and a choice of either 3000K or 4000K color temperature this fixture is great for either full-cycle/veg/rooting or flowering. The Core85 uses 264 full spectrum white LEDs along with 8 supplemental deep red (660nm) LEDs.

For higher light requirement areas we suggest stacking two units to veg a 2' x 4', or three units for flowering.

The Core85 has a built-in non-dimmable driver. We recommend adjusting mounting height to adjust light intensity. Generally speaking we recommend mounting the fixture 8-12" above the seeds/plants.

Each order includes:

1 x Core85 bar
1 x 10' Waterproof Power Cord
1 x Hanging Hardware

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Wattage Draw :
Fixture efficacy :
Coverage Area :
2' x 4' for cloning
Recommended Hanging Height :
Dimensions :
47.25" X 2.1" x 1.5"
Dimmable :
Power Cord Length (US 115VAC) :
6 feet
Power Cord Length (US 230VAC) :
3 feet (by request only)
Power Cord Length (European) :
3 feet (by request only)
Hanging Kit :
Warranty :
2 years
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