Violit UVA Supplement Booster Board

Violit UVA Supplement Booster Board


Get extra frosty trichomes by running UVA strips at the end of flower

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This simple to use, plug and play two-channel UVA (365-370nm and 390-400nm) board is designed to target the UVA range which white LEDs generally do not include. Dimming of two separate channels requires a controller such as the Bluefish (Mini) or Storm, and running without a controller will simply turn on all the lights at 100% intensity

The board comes with 18 total LEDs (9 x 365nm and 9 x 390-400nm), 2 x Mean Well LDD-700LS drivers, a WAGO connector for dimming and a DC barrel connector for easy solderless power

Doesn't require a separate heatsink though we recommend using one to provide support/rigidity to the strip. The Supplemental Canopy Heatsink was designed to fit this strip and will slide into the 4' x 4' Canopy Substrate. Please select the option with Canopy Brackets if using within a Canopy Substrate.

Can be combined with the Emerson or Exotic Booster Boards by using a DC Power Splitter.

If you are using your own power supply you will need to supply between 30-36VDC constant voltage, and a minimum of 45W per board

Optional Accessories:

-1 x 30VDC Power Supply
-1 x Supplemental Canopy Heatsink
-2 x Eye Bolts and 1 x 1/4" Rope Ratchet Hanging Kit (Set of 2)

LED Wattage :
LEDs :
SemiLEDs 365nm and 390nm
Drivers :
Mean Well LDD-700LS
Coverage Area :
2' x 4'
Compatible Lens :
None, don't use lenses with UVA LEDs
DC Power Connector :
5.5mm OD/2.5mm ID
Dimming Signal :
Optional 2.5-6V PWM
Dimensions :
974mm X 47.5mm (~38.5" X 1.9")
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